Working Fitness into Your Daily Routine


Want to become more fit this year? Of course, you do! At least, that was my goal for this year. However, as a working mother of three, it feels difficult to almost impossible to work fitness into my already busy schedule. How does one accomplish this seemingly impossible feat?

First, I formed a network of support. My support group consists of a few of my likeminded coworkers. We share healthy eating tips, work out together and encourage each other as well. Having a stable support group is a major asset in helping me to stay on track with my fitness goals.

Second, I recognized my reason for staying in shape. Diabetes runs in my family. In order to prevent myself from getting diabetes and increase my chances of having a long and healthy life, I run. I want to see my daughters go to college, get married and have children one day. For those reasons, I work hard to stay in shape.

And last, I try to make it fun. Working out with my coworkers, who are also my friends, is already fun. I also love to listen to music. I look forwarded to running, because it gives me a chance to relax and rock out to my favorite songs.

What helps you stick to a stable fitness routine? Feel free to like, share and comment below.


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