This Summer in a Nutshell

If there was a theme for this summer, it would be: Growth! I started the summer with some lofty goals. I set out write more, gain an appreciation for the outdoors, and expand my horizons on a spiritual level as well. Some of these aspirations were easier to achieve than others.

At the beginning of the summer, my goal was to write two thousand words a day. I approached this task with the type of enthusiasm that only a novice writer could. By the end of the first week, I found myself staring at a seventeen-thousand-word manuscript with nothing left to say. I perused YouTube content for advice from other authors. Their advice was all the same. “Write through the writer’s block,” they said. And so, I mustered the strength to carry on. Admittedly, after a few more days of writing long, mundane scenes where characters folded laundry and filed taxes, I tossed my laptop in the corner of my bedroom in disgust, where it collected dust for the month of July.

One the plus side, my goal to spend more time outdoors was an easy win. Baby boy, the twins, and I established a routine where after breakfast, we would lace up (and Velcro) our shoes and lather our skin with sunscreen. We spent much of our summer mornings on the playgrounds in our neighborhood, enjoying the sun’s rays before the three-digit temperatures set in. Walking the trails in the morning with my little ones is a divine experience that is embedded in my memory forever.0707180842

Lastly, I hoped to get it touch with my more spiritual side. With the help meditation before bedtime and inspirational podcasts, like Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, I found myself exploring my purpose on a deeper level. I have always poured myself into my family; however, this year I find myself searching for something more. This summer I embraced my neurosis by organizing the square footage of our home in such a way that every nook and cranny served a purpose. In an odd sort of way this helped to free up brain matter as well. I feel like the search for spirituality is a lifetime journey, but I am well on my way.

In short, the results of my summer were nuanced at best. I did not accomplish all my goals in totality, but the time that I spent with my children was both priceless. Spending time outdoors with my children was easy. Finding my own approach to writing was hard. Becoming a more spiritual being was everything between. With schools opening across the country, a season of new beginnings is underway once again. With this new season, comes new goals and aspirations. At the risk of sounding extra cliché, I’ll go ahead and say it. Life is a lasting journey.


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